Muffa Nobile and Tenuta Sant’Antonio: another prestigious award

Amarone, Passito and Recioto Tenuta Sant’Antonio: the Accademia of the  Muffa Nobile honours our excellence.
At the 4th International Festival of Passito Wines held in Bologna, the “old favourites” of the Tenuta Sant’Antonio estate once again proved their worth by netting the very highest accolade, the 5 crowns, for Amarone Campo dei Gigli and Recioto. The Passito also received important acknowledgment, earning 4 crowns. 
Amarone Campo dei Gigli also won a particularly “tasty” award: the best wine to accompany 30-month-old Parmigiano Reggiano.
Outstanding cheeses and our superlative wine: a marriage made in heaven.