Care for the vineyard and respect of natural equilibrium

Organic and chemical fertilization (manure and fertilizers) has been replaced by the use of plant compost, obtained from the fermentation of twigs and branches, microorganisms and domestic wet waste.


Preference is given to a total grass cover without using chemical weed control, the integration of green manure and the mowing of weeds. In summer, the use of tradition products, such as copper and sulphur, for plant protection is greatly reduced and associated with sexual confusion techniques for pest control.

Tenuta Sant’Antonio uses selected yeasts obtained directly from grapes of its own production, nourished with organic feed and not with chemicals. The wine temperatures are monitored constantly and nitrogen is used in all stages of work as anti-oxidant protection.

All the wines, both white and red, always remain in contact with their fine lees and are kept in suspension by mixers located on the bottom of the stainless steel wine jars. In barrels, with the traditional bâtonnage method.
The wines are cleaned only a few days before bottling.