How do you get onto the front cover of the most important Japanese wine magazine? Read on and find o

The Wine Kingdom is one of the most widely read specialised wine magazines in Japan and it published a special feature on all Italian DOCG wines in its July issue. The editorial staff organised tastings of the most important and well-known wines in Japan for each DOCG category and then chose just one to represent it. Magazine staff took part in the tastings, as well as some of the most influential Japanese sommeliers specialised in Italian wines. Amarone Selezione di Tenuta S. Antonio was chosen in the Amarone category. The decision was unanimous and this wine was voted the most pleasant and outstanding of all the Amaroni in the running. ALL the most famous Amaroni took part! The magazine also decided to feature on the front cover the four wines (two whites and two reds) which they had been most impressed by (namely those they considered the best of all the various DOCG tastings). Amarone di Tenuta S. Antonio was one of the two reds chosen!.