It’s harvest time on the estate

In the last few months we carefully selected the best bunches. The grapes which will be dried to produce Recioto and Amarone undergo an even more rigorous selection process and yield a maximum of 5000 kg per hectare; their average alcohol content is good, a promising sign as far as quality is concerned. Assoenologi has announced that the Soave harvest will be balanced, something which we have also noticed in our Monte Ceriani and Soave Fontana vineyards. The weather, which this year saw its hottest moments in July in particular, followed by a sudden drop in temperature during the first ten days of August and September, has led to the Garganega variety ripening a couple of days later than 2009, with values within the norm as far as the condition of the grapes, the sugars, acids and presence of aromas are concerned. This slower, more gradual ripening has its advantages, with the sugar content rising at the end. (source: Assoenologi del Veneto Occidentale)