Il vino capovolto with Sandro Sangiorgi

Tenuta Sant'Antonio is proud to invite you to "Il Vino Capovolto" with Sandro Sangiorgi, on Tuesday February 12th at 5.00 pm at the Sporting Hotel San Felice in San Felice, Illasi (VR).
In this "revolutionary" phase of consumers, traders, distributors and markets, it's important to have new visions compared to the productive analysis and the communication of wine. To talk about this, Tenuta Sant'Antonio invited Sandro Sangiorgi, one of the leading Italian wine experts.
During the event, Sangiorgi will present its latest publication "il Vino Capovolto: geosensorial tasting and other writings" created with Jacky Rigaux.

For further information: press@absitdaily.it